Be Mine, Valentine

Published: 1st February 2017

In the Bishop's Pastoral letter for February, Bishop Mark toasts the birds and the martyr.

Bishop's Blog - January 2017

Published: 3rd January 2017

Following a year that seemed to despise facts and experts, Bishop Clive considers what is truth and whether Jesus' choice to reveal the truth about God and his Kingdom through personal testimony and story-telling is a better route to finding truth.

Bishop's Blog - December 2016

Published: 6th December 2016

Rousing responses to good news is music to the Bishop of Lichfield's ears.

Remembering what exactly?

Published: 8th November 2016

Remembrancetide - misplaced pride, glorifying war and jingoism? Revd Vic Van den Bergh argues for respect, remembrance and resolve.

Bishop's Blog - November 2016

Published: 31st October 2016

November is the month for REMEMBERING - and this is very much reflected in the life of our Church.

Bishop's Blog - October 2016

Published: 1st October 2016

Blue Peter and vanishing islands: in Creationtide, we delight afresh at the bounty of God's creation and commit to being good stewards of it. Yet, as I witnessed in the Solomon Islands, we need to act now because our inaction is costing livelihoods and lives. Christian Aid's resources and its 'Big Switch' campaign show how we can make a difference.

Bishop's Blog - September 2016

Published: 31st August 2016

"First and foremost I am a child of God" - a vital reminder to all of us, and a note-to-self for the new Bishop of Lichfield

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