Contactless Giving

Contactless Giving is here!

Following on from recent communications from the Finance Department we now have 30 contactless devices in parishes across our Diocese carrying out a free trial period, testing the machines and seeing how they are received by our donors, so far the usage has been good and figures suggest the devices are worthwhile to our parishes.

As we all know,whether we like it or not times are changes,people do not carry cash like they used to and our banks (if you are lucky enough to have a local branch!) are not keen on receiving large amounts of small change.We are hoping that Contactless is a way for you to increase your donations and help ease the financial administrative burdens that face us all.

The contactless device is a small terminal that can be set up at the back on church or passed around the pews. Donations can be made via contactless debit cards and also using Apple or Android pay, up to 20, the donor can select from 4 options which will be pre-set. This also means that donations qualify for the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme.

The device itself works on a rechargeable battery so can be plugged into the mains or left securely on a table with 8 hours battery life. Donations are sent via mobile phone signal so there is no need to worry about having a Wi-Fi connection and if there is no phone signal in Church the data is saved until a signal can be found.

Donations are then sent to a merchant bank account in the name of the Diocese, and it is our intention to send the funds on to parishes monthly.

Contactless is all around us, why not in our churches! We would love to have a device in every church over the next 5 years, the potential for weddings, larger services and occasional visitors is tremendous and we hope this will not only raise much needed funds but also encourage our donors to give more freely towards furthering the Kingdom of God in our journey of discipleship together.  If you are interested please drop us a line.

Page last updated: Tuesday 9th July 2019 9:06 PM
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