New arrangements for PCC meetings during coronavirus

In the light of the Prime Minister’s recent announcement about the need for social distancing measures to be put in place, it seems unlikely that parishes will be able to hold meetings, including elections, in the usual way. However, the Archdeacons would like to make sure you are aware that PCC business can still be done.  

The Church Representation Rules do not make any provision for a PCC meeting to be held remotely. However, there is provision for business to be done by the PCC trustees by correspondence.

In place of PCC meetings the PCC standing committees should continue to meet using remote meeting technology, such as ZOOM. This will ensure that good governance continues in all parishes. Any business that cannot be handled via digital technology should be managed via correspondence, as outlined by rule M29 in the Church Representation Rules. When a meeting is held remotely the decision must be documented, in line with the Charity Commission’s guidance.

Following a remote PCC trustee meeting, any business agreed or resolutions passed should be circulated to all PCC members under Rule M29 of the Church Representation Rules so that the business agreed remotely can be formally approved under the Church Representation Rules using the business by correspondence provision M29.

APCMs cannot be held remotely and steps have already been put into place to allow for the delay of this meeting until 31st October.

Page last updated: Monday 6th April 2020 1:49 PM
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