Gift Aid Recording Material

When you are claiming Gift Aid, whether it is on your own or through our scheme it is essential that you keep sufficient records to show an audit trail linking each donation to an identifiable donor who has completed a valid Gift Aid declaration and that all the other conditions for the tax relief are satisfied. If adequate records are not kept there may be a requirement to pay back to HMRC Charities any reclaimed tax.

Although we prefer hard copies, records do not have to be kept on paper. They may be held on computer, or memory stick. If you keep your records on computer, it is advisable to make regular back-ups and store these in a different location to the computer. The recommended Diocesan Recording Kit is available below in PDF format and also in excel or hardcopy from the office. You may photocopy this and use as a basis for your records, or use as a basis for a design for computer records.

Recording Sheets

  • Sheet A is in 4 quarters for you to record your weekly giving envelopes A1, A2, A3, A4,
  • Sheet B is a Quarterly Summary B,
  • Sheet C is to record Monthly Standing Orders C,
  • Sheet D is a list of donors and their envelope numbers D,
  • Sheet E is a list of your Standing Order Donors E,
  • Sheet F is for any additional cheques you may received throughout the year F,
  • Sheet G is to record the one off envelopes you have returned to the office G,
  • Sheet H is to record your Small Donations H


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