General Guidance on Ingoings

The nature of the Diocesan works is dictated by a set of criteria which the Property Department applies to all of its properties on an equal basis but subject to finances being available to fund those works.

Gas fires: Are inspected annually and maintained by the Diocese.

Electric fires: Are inspected every 5 years or at every change of occupancy by a qualified electrician

Open Fires: The chimney will be inspected and swept every 5 years, or at change of occupancy, by the Diocese.

Fixed electrical installations: Are the subject of a full, Periodic Electrical Inspection, by a qualified electrician, every 5 years or at every change of occupancy.

Power Point Provision: The Diocese will not, as a general rule, provide additional power points unless the Diocesan surveyor deems it necessary.

Smoke alarms: Existing, replaceable battery operated smoke alarms are being progressively replaced by the Diocese with mains wired or non-replaceable battery type smoke alarms.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms:Non-replaceable battery type carbon monoxide alarms are being provided where there are open fires or solid fuelled appliances and in rooms containing a boiler and older gas fires.

Intruder Alarms: Prior to your moving in to the property, the Diocese will ensure that any existing intruder alarm system is fully functioning.The Diocese will provide a new domestic intruder alarm if one does not already exist or if an existing system is not functioning due to dis-repair.

Please Note:The Diocese is not responsible for maintaining intruder alarm systems nor for the periodic replacement of a battery or alterations to suit particular circumstances .

Kitchens and bathrooms: These are inspected at every Quinquennial survey and every change of occupancy by the Diocesan surveyor. The surveyor will make an assessment at that stage as to whether the kitchen or bathroom should be replaced. The assessment will be based on the condition of the fixtures and equipment and their fitness for purpose, not necessarily their age and certainly not their style.

Appliances: The Diocese will provide 620 mm clear width slots and electrical and plumbing connection points for free-standing appliances to be supplied, installed and maintained by the Occupier. Depending on the layout of the property the following slots will be provided:

  • In the kitchen: Cooker and hob, tall fridge, dishwasher
  • In the utility: (if this is a separate room): dryer, washing machine
  • Built-In Appliances: In some cases, there will be existing built-in appliances. When they require major repair or replacement, the Diocese will replace them with a 600 mm wide slot and connection points as above.

Please Note: Installing gas or electric cookers: Cookers, whether electric or gas, require installation by a qualified electrician or Gas Safe engineer. It is the responsibility of the new Occupier to arrange for this to be carried out.Some of our contractors may provide this service if requested by the Occupier.

Phone and TV points and other telecoms: These are the responsibility of the Occupier.

Equipment not provided by the Diocese: For a list of the fixtures and fittings not provided by the Diocese, please see Section 4 of the Housing Guide. 

Please note that the Occupier is responsible for providing and maintaining all appliances.

Internal Re-Decorations: These are the responsibility of the Occupier and Parish to organise and pay for except where a new kitchen or bathroom is being installed when re-decoration of those rooms will form part of the work being carried out by the Diocese.

Carpets and Vinyl sheet flooring: Carpets and other floor covering are, in general, the responsibility of the Occupier. The exceptions are the wet areas, (kitchen, bathroom, utility, separate WCs) and the floor covering to the study where the Diocese is responsible for replacing them where they are deemed by the Diocesan surveyor to be defective or un-serviceable.

Curtains: Curtains are to be provided by the Occupier.The Diocese will provide white plastic curtain rails and hooks fixed to painted timber battens above each window.

Gutter and Downpipe Clearing: This is normally the Occupiers responsibility but they will be checked and cleared as part of Quinquennial and Ingoing Works.

Boundaries: The boundaries of the property are a Diocesan responsibility in terms of providing and maintaining fence and gates. The Diocese will provide a continuous and secure perimeter to the rear garden for the privacy and safety of the occupants. Please see below under trees for the Dioceses policy on hedges and coniferous trees.

Garden and Trees: Other than non-coniferous trees situated on the property boundaries, trees and large bushes are deemed to form part of the garden for which the Occupier is responsible. However, the Diocese is currently undertaking a comprehensive survey of all trees within its properties. As part of this initiative, works identified as being necessary for health and safety or to discharge legal obligations are being carried out by the Diocese. 

Please note that the Diocese does not regard coniferous trees as a satisfactory boundary treatment. The Diocese will offer to remove existing coniferous trees or hedges on the boundaries and replace them with a fence. The maintenance of any coniferous hedges or trees that remain will be the responsibility of the Occupier.

Drives, parking areas and hard paved areas: The Diocese is responsible for the maintenance of drives and parking areas. The Diocese will also consider a reasonable sized patio area in the rear garden, adjacent to the house, and perimeter paving around the house, to fall within its area of responsibility. Other hard paved areas within the property are the responsibility of the Occupier. In terms of maintenance, the emphasis is on basic maintenance to address health and safety issues due to the very high cost to the Diocese of maintaining hard paved areas.

For any additional information or advice, please contact Charles Glenn on 07528-898197. 

Charles Glenn,
Revised 26th May 2016

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