As far as it depends on us

Published: 28th November 2023

Angels and Putin are in Bishop Matthew's thoughts at the start of December.


Lichfield Diocesan Digest Sound Magazine

Published: 15th November 2023

The Diocesan Digest was founded in 1989 and is the Sound Magazine for Lichfield Cathedral and the Diocese. Volunteers produce a full audio magazine every month which gives news and conversation for people who are blind and partially sighted, as well as anyone else who is interested. 


Called to Serve?

Published: 20th September 2023

​​​​​​​Did you know that 15 million people alive today attended a Church of England school? Today a quarter of all primary schools are Church of England schools and approximately 1 million children currently attend a Church of England School.


Bishop leads on the Methodist connection

Published: 29th June 2023

Generous passion for the gospel includes working in unity

Success & Failure

Published: 14th June 2023

As exam season begins to recede in requests at prayer meetings and results play on many minds, one of our school chaplains considers how we can all act when tested.

Praying from the heart

Published: 3rd May 2023

In the run up to Dementia Action Week, prayers are the solace many have contributed in our Share A Prayer Through Dementia Initiative.

Say what?

Published: 5th April 2023

A bit of Bananarama theology to start a Monday morning...

Dust and Glory

Published: 1st April 2023

Easter Day, a time for celebration - Easter eggs and bunnies? "Yes to all of that!" says Bishop Sarah - read why!

Prized Nature

Published: 10th March 2023

Churchyards are very important places for those whose loved ones are buried there, but a survey of visitors to some churchyards in Sussex found that they are often visited by people who value their peace and beauty. The Churchyard Award Scheme has been running for over 30 years. It’s run by volunteers to celebrate the work of volunteers in maintaining and developing churchyards and church gardens across the diocese of Lichfield.

Send more pauses

Published: 1st March 2023

Emails, debate and Lent

I got rhythm

Published: 13th February 2023

The Community of St Chad is a community founded on companion groups of three people who meet to pray together and who live out five Rhythms of Grace.

Open the eyes of my heart

Published: 1st February 2023

Bishop Sarah has been blogging after a recent revelation:

'Head to Heart' resource for families living through dementia

Published: 30th January 2023

This resource is born of personal experience. My dad died in 2018 and he was diagnosed with dementia ten years earlier. He’d been a solicitor in Birmingham and spent his working life making incisive, head-level connections. The journey of the last decade of his life was a journey from head to heart.

Be curious, be present, reimagine

Published: 4th January 2023

The Difference course, designed and produced by Archbishop Justin Welby’s reconciliation team, is made up of five sessions exploring the power of faith to transform our relationships and heal division.

A sting in the tale of Christmas

Published: 3rd January 2023

The enchanting story of the Wise Men visiting the infant Jesus has a sting in its tail. Archdeacon Paul Thomas has been thinking about what this means as we mark the change of year and how the tale of Epiphany is so relevant today.

Receiving gifts

Published: 13th December 2022

It's harder to receive than to give? Revd Chris Precious has experience in his Shropshire parishes.

Sleepers awake!

Published: 1st December 2022

There's no time like the present, according to Bishop Clive in his bishops' letter for December

Church plant revitalisation holds a beacon of hope!

Published: 29th November 2022

Revd Chris Lane shares an insight into the most recent part of his journey around Walsall

Are we accidentally ‘ableist’?

Published: 23rd November 2022

Was the Queen misguided? Revd Zoe Hemmings on having her own prejudice challenged by a good friend.

How still we see thee lie

Published: 1st November 2022

Bishop Sarah recently experienced moments where the world seemed to stand still despite being in the middle of cosmopolitan chaos, hearing about the risks some take to engage in building peace and reconciliation.

Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.

Published: 27th September 2022

It's the month of new beginnings - new school and university terms. We usually think it's for the young, not those approaching retirement. Revd Charmaine Host asks us to think again.

Reason for response

Published: 31st August 2022

Bishop Matthew contemplates the coming months not with hopeful cheerfulness but with an uneasy dread provoked by international upheavals, the unsettling evidence of a changing climate and, most immediately for many, a crippling cost of living crisis.

People of hope

Published: 2nd August 2022

The focus of the Lambeth Conference is to discern the Holy Spirit’s directing in exploring what it means to be ‘God’s Church for God’s World’

West Midlands team returns Hands at Work to Africa

Published: 21st July 2022

On Saturday 23 July a team of people from churches in our diocese and other parts of the Midlands will be heading off to South Africa and Eswatini with the charity ‘Hands at Work, Africa’.

Hear the Word of the Lord: Matthew’s Gospel

Published: 19th July 2022

The summer holidays are coming! If you’re heading away, you might be thinking what books to enjoy on the sunny beach - or kill the time until the rainclouds pass. But there’s one blockbuster you can save for the autumn – and even have read aloud to you!

Knowing whose minister she is…

Published: 25th May 2022

In the month of the platinum jubilee, Bishop Matthew ponders power and service

People of the Way

Published: 1st May 2022

We are all called to demonstrate the extravagant love of God in acts of generous hospitality as we walk the journey of faith and life together.

Simeon and Anna

Published: 19th April 2022

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could say that of every one of our young people - that they were healthy, wise, and they knew God’s grace? The challenge for us as Church and Community is simply what part are we willing to play in helping that to be the case.

Overwhelming - the bad and the good

Published: 6th April 2022

I wonder what adjective you would choose to describe the experience of living through recent events? How about ‘overwhelming’?

Welcome Home

Published: 17th March 2022

Parishes all over the country are seeing new houses being built. There is a role for all churches to play in these new developments. Here are some simple ideas to consider.

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