Worship "must be authentic to the community" says Bishop Jonathan

Published: 22nd October 2013

 "Worship which connects the people of God with their creator must be authentic to the community" says Bishop Jonathan who has this month published a letter to all clergy and lay ministers in the diocese. He wants to encourage wider participation in the leading of worship, and exhorts parishes to experiment with new patterns of worship.

"Over time, the ways in which people offer worship to God has developed and changed according to the context they are in, and the culture of the age" he says.
"Public worship is a core part of the life of the church. Through worship we build up and sustain the Christian community. Worship is an expression of our love for God, our desire to grow as disciples and our sense of being part of a worldwide community. Worship which connects the people of God with their creator must be authentic to the community, and offered out of the best that we can give at any particular time."

Affirming that both lay and ordained people have gifts that can enrich our worship, he also notes that "refreshing our patterns of worship may create space for God to speak to us with new voices and in different words - to proclaim His eternal truths in ways that connect with people in out churches and communities in a fresh way."

Not only is he keen that churches 'travel the length and breadth of our liturgical realm', but he is keen that parishes take risks and share their experiments - successes and failures - with him and each other.

The whole letter can be found here.

Image: Bishop Jonathan presided at the first school-Eucharist at Gnosall Primary School in 2012

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