Statistics for Mission

The Mission Team are now starting to collect the Stats for Mission for 2021

These should ideally be completed at the national online parish returns website here; if you believe you should have a login but are lacking one please advise Richard Barrett and he will see what he can do. Please similarly email Richard if you have any other stats-related queries.

An initial form for the October Count (and Easter and Electoral Roll) is available here. If you prefer not to use to use the returns website, please return it to Richard and he'll happily submit it for you. A final form will be available shortly after Christmas including these elements and the others that make the complete return.

In trying to work things out you may find helpful our Worshipping Community Guidelines here. We have also produced some additional documents that some find helpful; a Blank Church Family List here, and a Pastoral Care Register here.

In mid-January 2022 a series of 'Counting Sheep' training sessions will be held to go through the 'whats', 'hows', and 'whys' of the Stats for Mission form. If you think you may find it helpful, please let Richard know

We are always mindful that in almost all of the measures that we use with the national church, each number represents a human being, and hence we work especially hard in encouraging churches to keep track of their 'Worshipping Community' as accurately as possible as a Pastoral Care priority. They have also proved an invaluable resource for the Shaping for Mission process

  • A summary report on the 2017 figures is available here.
  • A summary report on the 2016 figures is available here.
  • Reports on the 2015 Statistics are available as either a summary or a full Report
  • Reports on the 2014 Statistics are available here as either a summary or in full
  • Reports on the 2013 Statistics are also similarly available; summary or full
  • Reports on the 2012 Statistics are also similarly available; summary or full

We extend our thanks to our former consultant Ven Bob Jackson in working with us to produce each of the reports from 2012-2015.

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