Resourcing Parish Mission terms of reference


The merger of the Growth Fund (set up to distribute the Church Commissioners Mission Development Fund that ceases in 2016) and the Parish Project Loans and Grants Committee (PPLG), that allocated Loans and Grants on behalf of the Diocesan Board of Finance, Diocesan Community Fund and Bridgebuilders. This forms one central Grant-making and Project-overseeing body for the diocese to join up Mission and Finance.

Terms of Reference

To oversee the management of diocesan and parish projects, loans and specific grants on behalf of FACS. 


  • Chair – a member of Senior Staff
  • The Deputy Chair of the Board of Finance*
  • The Chair of the Parish Assessors* (or a nominated Assessor on behalf of the Chair**)
  • Diocesan Evangelism Enabler (or alternative appropriate nominated Enabler from DVE)
  • The Diocesan CEO
  • The Director of Finance
  • The Diocesan Parish Resources Team Manager
  • A member of Bishop’s Council
  • A Parochial Parish Minister – with specific skills in Projects and areas of Mission
  • Optional 2 co-opted members ***

* FACS Members
** The Chair of Parish Assessors may annually nominate a representative.
*** Members should serve a term of 3 years and retirement is by rotation (Specific gifts and skills in project management would be desirable)  


Six members present. (five unless both Co opted members are filled)

Supporting Officers who may be required to attend

  • Diocesan Parish Project Support Officer 
  • DAC Secretary
  • Mission Development and Fresh Expression Enabler 
  • Mission in Schools Enabler
  • Diocesan Environmental Enabler


The Committee will be served by the Finance Department Co Coordinator and the Research Assistant to the Diocesan Director of Mission.

Parish Loans 

The purpose of the Committee is:

  1. To review and regulate the Diocesan Loan Policy.
  2. To review all the current loans on a regular basis and highlight any concerns that may arise from the reviews to FACS.
  3. To consider all future Loan Applications and approve loans up to £50k and make recommendations to FACS for loans in excess of £50k.
  4. Loans in excess of £150k will be initially approved at RPM, then FACS before final approval at Bishops Council.


The purpose of the Committee is:

  1. To review existing and proposed projects, with particular concern to financial, mission and ministry and resources constraints and opportunities.
  2. To review and oversee participation audits.
  3. To identify mentors and arrange for persons, where applicable to be placed on project management committees as observers and to offer assistance where applicable.
  4. To help identify potential funding streams and grant making applications.
  5. To create a project planning and management guidebook.


The purpose of the Committee is:

  1. To review Grant Applications and decide whether to support.
  2. To consider support set up grants, including contributions of up to 10% in order to gain larger grants.
  3. To consider financial support in assisting in finding alternative use for Church Buildings.
  4. Any other project, loans or grant work delegated by FACS.

All Grant applications will need to pass five tests:

  1. Relevance - that your application comes within the indicated criteria 
  2. Competence - that you have filled in your form and answered any supplementary questions in such a way as to convince the grant-making group that you have a fair chance of delivering your project competently. 
  3. Plausibility - that you establish a plausible route by which your proposal could result in the growth of the church, or benefit of the local community.
  4. Comprehensiveness - that you have answered all the questions on the form (plus any supplementaries) in such a way as to give the grant-making group a clear and full picture of your intentions.
  5. Sustainability – that the larger, longer term projects show how you might keep the project going once our funding has finished. 

NB. Please note: no Applications will be considered for retrospective funding. ie for a project that has either started or been completed.

If RPM ask for further information, this should not be interpreted as an indicator that a Grant will be offered. Please do not place any orders or start any work before you have been offered, and returned a Grant Acceptance Form.

For Projects taking place in an Anglican Church, any necessary Permissions for work to be carried out should be in place before an application is made. Please contact the DAC office for advice.

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