Mission Resources

Churches of various sizes;

  • Larger Churches (link)
  • Midi Churches (link)
  • Smaller Churches (link)

Community of Evangelists (link)

Covenants (pdf);

  • Criteria A4 or A5,
  • Shared Ministry in Lichfield Diocese (pdf)

Disability (link)

Everybody Welcome (link)

Fresh Expressions (link)

LEMnAID Newsletter (link)

Mission Action Planning (pdf)

Mission and Discipleship Resources and Reviews (In progress December 2019)

Mystery Worshippers (link)

Resourcing Parish Mission (link)

You can find lots of other Resources in Top Tips (link)

Fellowship for Parish Evangelism

A national network of Anglicans, lay and ordained, committed to Evangelism at a local level; read more about them here.

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