Church Planting

"It's not plain-sailing, it's hard work but it's very rewarding. It's the best thing I've ever done."

Kate Gray, churchwarden at St Peter's Walsall

Firstly the wardens, Tom and Kate. Tom had been at St Peter's for many years and seen the congregation age and get weaker. Kate was a member of the planting church - although without any ambition to move!

Next the Planter. Revd Gavin Burnage had trained with many wannabe planters though had no intention himself until events during his curacy made him think again.

Finally, the Eden team. Members of Eden purposefully move to live in a community for the long term to live and work and help build Christian communities.

Church planting is the process of beginning a new vibrant Christian community in an area that currently lacks one. Sometimes this is in an area of extensive new housing developments, sometimes bringing fresh life to an existing church that is struggling. It is often a slow and difficult process that succeeds with a great deal of prayer, faith and patience. Because almost all of England is already allocated to a parish in the Church of England, each new plant needs to be carefully considered in relation to its existing parish and other local structures and needs extensive consultation with the bishops, local parishes and other officers that support congregations.

The Revd David Cundill

Mobile: 07540 841403

David is the Diocese's Deputy Director of Mission with a particular responsibility for supporting new forms of church (sometimes called Fresh Expressions) and this includes church plants.

Among the elements included a set of videos telling the story of St Peter's from various perspectives:

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