Big Church Survey

Thank you to the many churches that expressed an interest in participating in the Big Church Survey this year. We have had confirmation from the national Church that this will be delayed until next year. There is no set date yet but we envisage it running in May-June 2021.

The Big Church Survey is a congregational survey which provides results directly back to your church. Its a great way to discover more about your worshipping community and can be a useful tool for mission action planning.

Taking place in May/June 2021, the Big Church Survey provides churches and the diocese with a wealth of information not previously available. It helps to identify whos in our churches, what they believe and what they care about. This information is useful to the national church and diocese, but is above all designed to help individual churches and fresh expressions, providing new ways to reflect on your church, community and context.

Piloted in 2019, all CofE churches and fresh expressions are invited to take part in the 2020 Big Church Survey. The survey was piloted last year by the CofEs Research and Statistics department and is now being offered to all churches in all dioceses. It's for churches of all sizes (despite its name) and the survey uses a short, clear, multiple-choice questionnaire.

A key early step is to identify a Big Church Survey champion from your church who will register your church and manage the process for you.

If you're involved in promoting the Big Church Survey in an episcopal area, archdeaconry, deanery, then you may find this powerpoint helpful. 

Information and registration can be found at the dedicated website: Big Church Survey at any time. The website is clear and has much more information about the process.It would be helpful if you also let Richard Barrett know when you register.

Diocesan staff are supporting the process and you can find out more about the survey from; 

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