Framework: Embarking, Embedding, Extending

Performance in Lichfield Cathedral of 'The Disappearance of Eliza Grey', a dementia-focused play.


Getting started, naming and facing dementia together and sharing understanding and experience

Our network offers resources and support here, including:

  • Dementia introduction/awareness – sharing key messages; and
  • Video and other resources – taking the conversation further.

Listening & Understanding

  • Are we ready to “learn from the expert”, the person with lived experience of dementia?  We can ask what helps and what’s difficult. 
  • Do we understand enough about dementia to be able to stay in step, to support and keep connections?


Making dementia-friendliness an on-going part of what it means to be a transformative church presence in our local community, as we continue to stay in step through lived experience of advancing dementia

Our network offers resources and support here, including:

  • Dementia-Friendly Church Certificates, setting out three actions on dementia for the year ahead, signed by Bishop Michael Ipgrave, with over one hundred churches across the Diocese already participating; 
  • Dementia-Friendly Church Local Network Meetings, giving trusted space to share ideas, experiences and encouragement across our churches;
  • Our Dementia-Friendly Churches Newsletter, sharing news and stories, resources and information so that no-one has to reinvent the wheel; and
  • A focus on dementia and spirituality, with an opportunity to explore and deepen our faith, as we stay connected with God and each other through dementia.

Lamenting & Celebrating

  • Is there space to acknowledge the cost and challenge of dementia – naming all that’s being let go of?
  • And is there also space to affirm continuing life each step of the way, noticing the light shining through, even when patterns change?

Speech bubbles saying: "Diagnosis is like a bereavement" and "It's not an end, there's a life to live."

Sponsored Memory Walk organised by one of our churches


Making dementia-friendly connections across our community

Our Network offers resources and support here, including:

  • Sharing experiences as we participate in local partnerships and shared action to increase our impact.  Local dementia-friendly groups/initiatives give an opportunity to come together – perhaps working with the local surgery, schools, shops, home care providers, libraries, police and fire services, local residential care homes and/or other faith or community groups. We’re also glad to work with charities, such as Alzheimer’s Society, Dementia UK, Alzheimer’s Research UK, Dementia Carers Count, and Age UK
  • Our Dementia-Friendly Churches Blog continues to share stories, encouraging, resourcing and empowering others to take next steps.
  • Other resources are freely made available on our website – and we’re glad to share these within and beyond the Diocese of Lichfield.

Partnering & Empowering

  • Within our local communities, who else is engaging with dementia and taking action on it?  How can we work together?
  • And how can we give a voice to people affected by dementia?  Also, how do we empower volunteers, encouraging them too?

Speech bubbles: "We can do so much more together" and "There's so much still to give - giving in a different way."

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