DVE Teams

The Diocese of Lichfield has identified developing discipleship, encouraging vocation and inspiring evangelism as its core priorities. In order to support parishes, schools, chaplaincies and Fresh Expressions in this work, teams tasked with enhancing these areas of work have been brought together under one DVE department, based in Three Spires House, Lichfield. Diocesan staff from MissionVocations and Training, and Education together seek to equip the people of this region for discipleship, vocation and evangelism.

Diocesan staff are involved in a number of DVE projects, each of which seeks to take forward one or more of the three priorities.

d - v - E

Shining a spotlight on the 'E' of DVE, here's a series of videos where people from around the diocese share the highs and lows of evangelising or being evangelised:

What is Evangelism? Evangelism gone wrong
When Evangelism works Evangelism - my story


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