Diocesan Synod - 2023-03-18

Summary of a meeting of Lichfield Diocesan Synod

18th March 2023 at Telford Minster

Some of the March 2023 Diocesan Synod Meeting papers referred to below are available to downloaded.

  • Opening Worship was led by the Revd Matt Beer.
  • The minutes of the meeting held on 12th November 2022 were approved and signed accordingly.
  • In his presidential address, Bishop Michael focussed on the Growing Faith agenda and his own reflections on Living in Love and Faith. Click here for his full address. He noted that this was the final Synod meeting before Bishop Clive’s retirement, and that a farewell service was to be held on 2nd April at St Matthew’s, Walsall.
  • The Chair of the Board of Education gave a warm tribute to Claire Shaw, Director of Education who was to leave her role on 14th April.
  • Lucy Pope, Head of the Growing Faith Foundation, and members of the diocesan education and mission teams gave a presentation on Growing Faith.  Following this the following motion was voted upon and carried: 

In view of the demographic age profile of the life of the diocese, this synod endorses the call for church schools and churches to work collaboratively in partnership to bring the gospel to families. As a synod we believe that strong partnerships between church (and community) schools and churches can develop discipleship, encourage vocation and inspire evangelism. We recognise the strength, vitality and centrality of schools in many of our communities and their need for recognition and support in their mission. We aspire to a doubling of youth and children’s work and the emergence of new worshipping communities in connection with schools

  • The Revd Matt Beer spoke to a report February’s General Synod, written by Matthew Edwards.
  • The Question Time paper was then discussed. This contained 23 questions submitted in advance of the meeting, and written answers. Many of the questions pertained to Living in Love and Faith.
  • The Revd Neil Robbie brought a motion on behalf of West Bromwich Deanery as follows:

This synod:

a) Review current complaints policies for their suitability regarding complaints of a malicious, vexatious or querulous nature.

b) Bring forward policies which incorporate best practice to ensure complaints are handled on merit, with provision and guidance on how to recognise and deal with vexatious and malicious grievances.

This was voted upon and carried.

  • The Diocesan Secretary gave a verbal update on Warm Spaces and Places of Welcome. It was noted that there were 150 Places of Welcome in the diocese, and this was a great achievement.
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