“Let’s Talk” - Real conversations that make a difference

Date: 18th September 2021

Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm

This event focuses on how to stay safe and protect our children from the evils of criminal exploitation, human trafficking & modern slavery

About this event

The Lichfield Diocese Mothers’ Union (LDMU), Lichfield Cathedral and Transforming Communities Together (TCT) are inviting families from across the Lichfield Diocese to come together for this ground breaking event.

This is a call to action, to gather and to equip!

We are bringing together Mothers’ Union member, their children and their grandchildren (from 10 years and upwards) at Lichfield Cathedral for two hours to focus on the real dangers of criminal exploitation, human trafficking and modern slavery.

There is power in multiple generations coming together to explore this growing issue, that threatens all ages.

We’ll be sensitively discussing how we might work together to keep our children safe, valuing the input of the children themselves. This is a unique opportunity to engage with our LDMU members, their families, and the wider church.

Hosted by Lichfield Cathedral, we will be blessed with the support of:

• The Children’s Society

• West Midlands Police Violence Reduction

• Blue Bear Coffee company

What will the format be?

It is a call to action, as this event will be centred around the narrative ‘What will you do next?’

Everyone in attendance will be working together in family groups to create their own action plan.

It will be an engaging, interactive session for all attending, with quizzes, talks and art.


With alarming figures reported in April 2021, we must act now. Our children are at risk and we MUST act together to ensure that they are safe.

No matter where we live, there is real danger. During the pandemic, many vulnerable people have been targeted here in the UK. Reports of sexual and criminal exploitation increased dramatically during the pandemic. Our children are being groomed into drug criminal gangs in so-called ’county lines’ trafficking, forced begging and shoplifting. The BBC reported recently that a 14-year-old boy was recruited in less than 80 minutes on social media.

Need more information?

Please contact info@tctogether.org.uk



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