Annual Parochial Church Meetings

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting is a significant event in the parochial year during which the Churchwardens are elected. 

In the light of the restrictions placed upon parishes by the current COVID-19 epidemic, the Bishop of Lichfield has signed an Instrument that extends the time for choosing churchwardens at the Annual Meeting of Parishioners to the 31 October 2020 and PCC and Deanery Synod members at the APCM to the same date.

All those currently in these posts will continue until then.
If you have already held an Annual Meeting of Parishioners and APCM for 2020, the new wardens begin only when admitted which may be as late as 31 January 2021 and the churchwardens elected in 2019 remain in office.

Newly elected Deanery Synod representatives take up their post on 1 December and existing members stay in post until that date. 

If PCC members have been already been elected they begin straightaway.

APCM Resources and guides

The new Church Representation Rules are laid out in a simpler format which is easier to follow and includes useful information previously held in separate documents. Please do have a read! 

Hard copies of the Church Representation rules can be purchased from  Church House Publishing

If you have any further questions please liaise with one of our Archdeacons in the first instance.

Page last updated: 14th April 2020 11:13 AM