Racial Justice and Inclusion Task Group - Terms of Reference

for (Feb 2023 – Feb 2025)


The membership of the Racial Justice and Inclusion Task Group (RJITG) will comprise the following:

  • The Ven Julian Francis (Co-convenor)
  • Debbie Parkes (Co-convenor)
  • Canon Theologian Dr Sharon Prentis
  • Revd Graham Adamson
  • Revd Canon Dr Gregory Platten
  • Revd Treena Larkin
  • Revd Gilbert David

Quorum - 5 members of the group including a co-convenor (additional members can be co-opted as necessary)

Role of Members

Members of the Racial Justice and Inclusion Task Group will be expected to:

  • Contribute to the agenda as necessary and attend meetings
  • Promote the role of the Racial Justice and Inclusion Task Group within their areas of influence
  • Liaise with members of Bishops Council and Diocesan Synod to raise awareness of equality and racial justice issues
  • Review and moderate the direction of travel given the finding of the Racial Justice Commission and the Racial Justice Directorate and any future investigations or policy documents coming from the central Church of England.

Frequency of Meetings – Every two months


The primary purpose of the Racial Justice and Inclusion Task Group is to provide strategic oversight and act as a steering group that supports the Diocese of Lichfield in becoming a ‘racially just’ diocese at all levels and stages. The Church of England has determined to scrutinise its own structures and practices to eliminate racial injustice. By fully integrating racial justice into operational and decision making processes we aim to become a critical friend, holding people and structures to account and build leadership and representation that fully reflects the diversity found in the region and the Church to achieve equality of access, opportunity and outcome undergirded by prayer for justice (Amos 5:24) and fairness (Acts 10:34-35).

Aims to :-

  • Supporting the Diocese of Lichfield in the review and development of inclusive practices that integrate racial equality and diversity initiatives in all areas.
  • Determining the strategic direction of racial equality and diversity in line with the Anti-Racism Taskforce Report ‘From Lament to Action’
  • Monitoring the progress and impact of appropriate strategies and operational plans.
  • Respond on behalf of Bishop of Lichfield on matters brought to the group.
  • Consider directives from the Racial Justice Commission and the Racial Justice Directorate and review how these might be implemented into the Racial Justice Strategy
  • Monitor the effectiveness of purposeful interventions against racial equality objectives, operational plans and any associated targets advising and recommending as appropriate
  • Highlight and challenge the legacy of systemic racism in all its forms where found in structures, policies or practices
  • Monitor the outcomes of recruitment practises designed to reduce the barriers that impede global majority heritage people from feeling welcome, valued and empowered
  • Ensure that communication about the Racial Justice and Inclusion Task Group is effective, appropriate and raises awareness about progress
  • Regular monitoring of racial diversity and inclusion data across the Diocese of Lichfield to inform action


The Racial Justice and inclusion Task Group’s authority comes from the leadership of the Bishop of Lichfield.


The co-convenors will schedule a timetable of meetings and will approve the agenda for each meeting, which will be circulated approximately a week before each meeting together with any supporting papers.


The Racial Justice and Inclusion Task Group will review its Terms of Reference annually.

Review Date: February 2024

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