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The Property Department is primarily responsible for the proactive management of:

  • Housing for the Clergy
  • Portfolio of Agricultural Land
  • Closed Churches

The department is committed to serving the clergy and parishes and the underpinning principles are:- Good stewardship and improving pastoral care of clergy families.

There are 400 houses under day to day management through the Benefice Buildings Committee by means of a programme of planned maintenance and improvements, combined with responding to particular needs as they arise, indeed the last year has seen a significant increase in the amount of planned maintenance with:-

  • 12 new kitchens 
  • 11 new bathrooms 
  • 29 new boilers and 13 central heating adaptations
  • 19 flat roofs and one main roof have been renewed
  • The vicarage double glazing programme has now been successfully completed

The agricultural land portfolio comprises circa 2000 acres. This Glebe land is managed through the Glebe Committee, with day to day issues dealt with by two Land Agents. Closed churches review and management now come under the Property Department's responsibilities in supporting the Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee.

The Department also acquires/disposes land and property (both freehold and leasehold) and undertakes asset development work.

All repair work is managed by the Department based at St Marys House. 

Planned Maintenance

includes annual inspections of basic utilities (central heating boiler/fire), together with five yearly inspections (quinquennials) leading to appropriate repair and maintenance and a programme of improvements including double-glazing. Please contact Charles Glenn (Diocesan Surveyor).

Responsive Maintenance

includes urgent/emergency work. Please contact Simon Ray (Maintenance Surveyor)


Planned Maintenance and Emergency Repair Work are generally carried out through a network of contractors with the aim of providing a high quality of response and cost effective service.

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