Online Presence Report

A report on churches’ online presence across our diocese has been published on our website. It was carried out by our Mission Team, working with our Communications Team. The report presents an overview of churches’ online presence to find out how accessible and informative our online presence is.

Key findings are that almost every church has an active online presence with the main platforms being church websites, A Church Near You (ACNY) and Facebook.

The report also found that most churches have an accurate location of their place of worship and contact details. However, many churches aren’t keeping all their platforms up to date and a significant number have not met requests for safeguarding information to be properly displayed.

Mission Team Leader Simon Foster said: “It is great that so many of our churches are grasping the importance of online mission and ministry. It’s crucial that basic information, including the times and location of services, is current and that safeguarding information is prominently displayed. Making sure ACNY pages are up to date as Advent approaches is particularly key. We plan to repeat this survey on a yearly basis to plot development and potential areas for support and training.”

Churches who need assistance or advice on their online presence can email our Communications Team.

Page last updated: Friday 11th November 2022 3:37 PM
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