Noticeboard Suppliers

Here are some links to noticeboard companies that churches around the diocese have used in the past. These will only be a few of the many, so if you would like to do your own research, the internet will give you lots of choice.

Have a look at the options available to you. Consider what information you want to make permanent, contact numbers or service times for example. Decide whether you want a section where you can display information that needs to change, such as concerts or user groups.

Think about whether you are happy with the current shape and design of your board and just need a new one, or whether a different style would be useful. If you plan to incorporate the national CofE logo or diocesan logo, make sure you have the latest version and use it as set out in the guidance.

Noticeboard companies can also provide fitting for an extra price, so consider whether this is something you would like to include with your order.

When you have decided what you want, we recommend that you get quotes from three different companies. Decide which one you prefer and then apply for the relevant permission through the OFS (Online Faculty Service). Do not place your order until you have your permission in place. The DAC may have advice on what would be acceptable, the size or the position, so it is important to check first.

Statutory considerations

The DAC provide the following information:

The permission for a new noticeboard would be permitted through List B of the Faculty Jurisdiction (Amendment) Rules 2019, via an application on the Online Faculty System. The appropriate matter is matter B6(4), which permits the “introduction, replacement and alteration of a noticeboard [in a churchyard]”. The specified conditions are as follows: 

  1. A new notice board is not illuminated.
  2. The Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisement) Regulations 2007 are complied with.

In regards to the size of a proposed noticeboard, the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007, in class 2, 2C, of Conditions and Limitations, states that “No advertisement may exceed 1.2 square metres in area”, meaning that any noticeboard bigger than 1.2 square metres in area it would require subsequent planning permission from your local planning authority, before your application via the Online Faculty System can be processed. 

Please consult the diocesan website for the recommended supporting documents for List B proposals, the following are advised: 

  1. Full technical details, designs and specifications – as an absolute minimum these should contain full details of the materials proposed to be used, (i.e., what material, colour and design will the noticeboard be, what material and colour will the posts be, any details regarding the foundations and slab work, if required, etc). This information is usually, although not always, detailed within your chosen contractor’s quotation. 
  2. An up-to-date copy of a quotation or estimate by the chosen contractor.
  3. Illustrative photographs, giving general context and specific detail (i.e., where the proposed noticeboard will be located, and its context within the churchyard). 
  4. A plan showing the location of the proposed noticeboard. An illustrated Google map screengrab would also be suitable. 
  5. A copy of a resolution of the PCC or Standing Committee in support of the proposal.”

If your Noticeboard does not fall within the standard List B Permission, please contact the DAC for further advice.

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