When two or three can’t gather in His name

Published: 3rd April 2020

This time of lockdown has the feeling of a Narnian season: it is always spring, but never Easter.

They Stayed Together

Published: 9th March 2020

A remarkable display of ecumenical unity gives a germ of hope grounded in reality

Do the little things

Published: 2nd March 2020

March begins with two significant Saints' Days, people renowned for humility and kindness

Making whole-ness and the wilderness

Published: 24th January 2020

During the vacancy for bishop of Stafford, archdeacons write some of the monthly bishops' pastoral letters

Star Qualities

Published: 24th January 2020

Bishop Sarah’s Pastoral Letter for January 2020

Places of Welcome - on the up in Bloxwich

Published: 3rd December 2019

Safe places for everyone to connect and belong

A vapour trail through Advent

Published: 1st December 2019

Stillness and the Patron Saint of Preparation?

A builder’s vision

Published: 1st November 2019

Bishop Geoff's final Pastoral Letter - November 2019

Space, the final frontier

Published: 1st October 2019

Not just once upon a time...


Published: 1st September 2019

Three words to put our house in order from the Bishop of Lichfield.

Open and active

Published: 1st August 2019

Are we fit for purpose?

Brave and ambitious

Published: 1st July 2019

The new Bishop of Shrewsbury, Sarah Bullock looks forward

Let the Rebellion begin!

Published: 3rd June 2019

Diocesan commits to action on climate change

The story of the Cross

Published: 31st May 2019

Andrew Brazier tells us why he walked to London with a cross made out of knives.

See the power

Published: 1st May 2019

What do you expect when you pray?

Bringing slavery to the surface

Published: 8th April 2019

How a new phone app is highlighting slavery in our communities.

Hope and New Life

Published: 1st April 2019

Elections and Celebration

Deservedly Famous

Published: 1st March 2019

True celebrities and icons of our time

Extra Ordinary Presence

Published: 31st January 2019

In conversation with an eminent speaker

No defence for deference

Published: 2nd January 2019

As we enter the new year, Bishop Clive is alert to a clash of theological truth and cultural hangover.

Reclaiming Christ for Christmas?

Published: 20th December 2018

Does Christian clamouring reflect fear more than faith?

Gifts, baubles and community

Published: 3rd December 2018

As Bishop of Stafford does his Christmas shopping, his thoughts turn to worms and scones.

Fulfilling an African dream

Published: 13th November 2018

Nita Edwards reflects on her partnership with the South African church.

Faith in humanity?

Published: 1st November 2018

As the nation's attention turns to commemorating the centenary of the Armistice, the Archdeacon of Salop is conscripted to replace the vacant Bishop of Shrewsbury.

The broad church

Published: 1st October 2018

Eastern meets Western faith

Doing remembrance thoughtfully

Published: 6th September 2018

Does remembrance point us to a path of peace?

My cup overrunneth

Published: 31st August 2018

Team spirit and episcopal ambition

Learning from laughter

Published: 31st July 2018

No wonder Jesus urged us to be like 'little children'!

Setting God's People Free through national elf service

Published: 9th July 2018

Dr Lindsey Hall explores what true freedom means.

Learning Again

Published: 1st July 2018

Farewell Pastoral letter from Bishop Mark

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