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What does the World Mission department do?

'We believe in one holy catholic and apostolic Church'. A line we recite week-by-week in the Nicene Creed that affirms that we as parishes and as a diocese are but one small part of the Christian faith.

  • 'apostolic' reminds us that we connect to generations of Christians in of the past and future, led by bishops anointed in succession that leads back to the early church.
  • 'catholic' means both 'broad' and 'universal' - we are part of the family of Christ even when we disagree with each other, and no matter where we are in the world.

It is very hard to relate to all 2.2 billion Christians on this planet, nor even 85 million Anglicans. But by building links with a few in different parts of the globe, our vision and understanding of the lives of our fellow-Christians and our shared joy in the Lord grows.

As a diocese we have two key spheres of meeting with the worldwide: many parishes and individuals have many more:

Our companion dioceses

world map showing link dioceses

The St Chads Volunteer Programme

Enabling young people (18-35) through the St Chads Volunteer Programme, to go to our Companion Dioceses and to come here on 6-12 month placements. The scheme has been running since 2000. Find further information.

The department also:

  • Offers expertise and assistance with sabbaticals and short term exchange visits; setting up Parish 2 Parish and School 2 School links
  • Encourages churches to engage creatively with 'the world that has come here', to make connections with African and Asian led churches in the Diocese and to seek to become Cross Cultural Christians.
  • Provides study material on the world church and world mission.
  • Continues to support the Fairtrade Foundation and is very keen for more parishes to register as Fairtrade Churches. To download a copy of the application form please click here.

Cross Cultural Placements

We are delighted to report back that the 9 second year curates who went on placements to our link Dioceses all returned safely after very positive experiences. This was the first year when this option was available and we are hoping that it will be an increasingly important and strategic expression of our engagement with world mission as this becomes an annual practice.Please click on the In This Section button to see the full reports from Matlosane, Qu'Appelle, Nordkirche, S.E.Asia and Moscow.

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The Revd Philip Swan

Mobile: 07857 703303

Director of World Mission

When the Revd Philip Swan was appointed as Director of World Mission, the Bishop of Lichfield said: "We must never forget that we are part of not just the wider Church of England and the Anglican Communion; but the worldwide church of God. Philip Swan will help us to focus on that, and enable the diocese to respond to the guidance of the Holy Spirit to fulfil our Lord's calling to play a full part in the global partnership of God's people in Christian mission".

Denise Keen

Administrator of World Mission

Mobile: 07761 446753

Other Resources

It Takes...

A 6 session course introducing World Mission and Cross Cultural Mission.
To download copies of the course please click on the relevant links below:

  1. Discovering the Heart of God.
  2. Practising Generosity.
  3. Transforming Communities.
  4. Growing Disciples.
  5. Reaching New Generations.
  6. Discovering the Whole Christ.

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