Healing Ministry


We have Healing Ministry Enablers in the following episcopal areas:

  • Shrewsbury: The Revd Suzan Williams (email or 01691 238658)
  • Stoke: The Revd Paul Howard (email or 07824 099577)
  • Wolverhampton: The Revd David Sims (email or 01922 453942)

Recommended training courses on healing ministry:

Celebrate Recovery

A Christ-centred 12 step programme. One of our Enablers in Paul Howard has been involved in this ministry for for the last 10 years; running it, training others to run it, both in churches and beyond. He is willing to come and talk about it and bring others who have completed it, or are running it currently. More info here

Divine Healing Ministries

Former Lichfield Enabler Irene Nicholls advised that she's "been privileged to be involved in the Healing Ministry in my local church since 1991. As a Third Order Franciscan I've also been involved with Br David Jardine at Divine Healing Ministries, an Interdenominational Healing Ministry in Belfast since 2004. Over the years we've exchanged visits and training, the most recent being Br David's visit to Stoke in 2016". You can find out more about them here.


  • George Fisher: A Biblical background to Healing Ministry (pdf)
  • Roger Vaughan: A Catholic perspective on Healing (pdf)

Costa Healing Rooms

These are a 'marketplace expression of healing' which has developed out of the England and Wales Healing Rooms Ministry. It is growing rapidly across the UK. Paul Howard has been involved with the team developing it, based in the Potteries and South Cheshire, and is happy to talk about it and bring someone with him from the team. He can also arrange a visit to see it in action in this area. Their website is here with more info here.

Information on what some Lichfield churches are doing as part of their Healing Ministry:

If your church is involved in the healing ministry and is not listed in the below please get in touch with us and let us know what you are doing;

Episcopal Area Archdeaconry Deanery Church(es) details
Shrewsbury Salop Telford Telford Minster Prayer ministry for healing is offered every week in our Sunday 4pm gatherings. Individual prayer can be booked via info@telfordminster.org.uk.
Shrewsbury Salop Oswestry Gobowen Hospital
(Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt)
We offer healing prayer at the bedside or in our chapel, as appropriate, to the patients here at RJAH.
We also offer bedside communion. In the context of a hospital this always includes prayer for healing. We don't /can't have healing services in our chapel at present. But people write prayers for healing, for themselves or loved ones, on slips of paper and leave them in chapel.
We also use a pebble pool in chapel to encourage people to place their concerns and health in God's hands.
Shrewsbury Salop Oswestry KMKMM Group (Kinnerley, Knockin, Maesbury, Maesbook, and Melverley) We hope to to offer prayers for healing during our whole benefice services every fifth Sunday.
Shrewsbury Salop Oswestry Oswestry Holy Trinity This is mainly done through prayer in discipleship groups. We have a team of elders who pray and anoint on request.
Shrewsbury Salop Oswestry Oswestry St Oswald At St. Oswalds we have service of ‘prayers for healing’ at 4pm on the second Sunday of the month. We are looking at introducing the laying of hands and anointing with oil soon. We are also thinking of introducing a healing service with eucharist around St. Luke’s feast day
Shrewsbury Salop Oswestry St Martins and
Weston Rhyn (Benefice)

At both curches we offer prayer ministry after the service and sometimes during Communion for healing and wellbeing. provided by an authorised lay ministry team, following training to enable good practice and and provide a safe space for those coming for prayer.

Shrewsbury Salop Wem and
Whitchurch St Alkmund St Alkmund’s Whitchurch has an opportunity for prayer for healing once a month at the main service
People go up to receive Communion / blessing and then go to the Lady Chapel: pairs of lay people  are the ministers
Stafford Stoke Leek Leek St Edward Monthly Service of Wholeness & Healing which takes place at St Edward’s Church, Leek at 7.00pm on the first Tuesday of every month.
Stafford Stoke Stoke on Trent Newchapel St James We offer:
* Laying on of hands and prayer for healing is offered at the front of church following the 10.30am service every week
* Laying on of hands and anointing for healing at Healing Service most 5th Sundays in the month
* Laying on of hands and anointing for healing are available on request 
Stafford Stoke Stoke on Trent Sneyd Green St Andrew Prayer for healing offered during and after services, anointing with oil as requested, features in small groups and lay teams.
Stafford Stoke Tutbury Burton All Saints Second Sunday of every month
Wolverhampton Lichfield Penkridge Watershed Benefice

Watershed Benefice has monthly services on a Wednesday evening  called 'A Service of Healing and Wholeness'. 

Wolverhampton Walsall Walsall Aldridge St Thomas

We offer prayer ministry at both our 10:30 and 18:30 gatherings- often in response to prophetic words the prayer team hear at their pre-gathering prayer time.

Also Healing on the Streets in Aldridge, once a month on the first Saturday of each month

Wolverhampton Walsall Walsall Great Barr St Margaret We have a Service for Spiritual Wholeness (Help & Healing) on the 1st Saturday of each month at 10am. (except August)
This contains liturgy and time for quiet plus the opportunity for the Laying on of hands for Prayer, and anointing. There is a small prayer team who take part in this and are also available on Sundays if asked for.
Wolverhampton Walsall Walsall Pelsall St Michael Prayers for healing at the Holy Communion Service. Healing services twice at year at appropriate times. Priest anoints laity during Holy Week. 
Wolverhampton Walsall Walsall Walsall St Matthew Lay team available to pray for the sick weekly at 10.45am services.  Prayer ministry available at 6.30pm Evening Service in Church Centre ad hoc. Priestly or Lay team also available for James 5 ‘call outs’


For Clergy and employee wellbeing, also see the Pastoral Care and Wellbeing pages

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