Nature & Churchyards

Caring for God's Acre (CfGA), provide a range of services and support (eg here) to churches with churchyards and for some time that has included supplying monthly articles that may be used in parish magazines around the diocese, written by Harriet Carty, our Churchyard Environmental Adviser, which we're also making available here. 

Editors who might like to receive this content in advance for their publication should contact Simon Jones

Churches Count on Nature is a joint initiative promoted by Caring for God’s Acre, A Rocha UK, the Church of England and the Church in Wales. During a week in June, it brings local people together to discover the wildlife in their local church yard, recording the species they find, combining their results with others which will be collated on the National Biodiversity Network (NBN), a nationwide database of wildlife in the UK. For those doing this in June, or indeed for use in your churchyard all year round, our Environmental Officer, Rich Clarkson, has a developed a Churchyard Trail to enable connection with God in nature as wildlife is counted. this can be downloaded here. You can find out more about the Churches Count on nature here.

More details on the Churchyard award scheme are available here.



The Meadow Maker
Nature's planted lawnmower? - September 2020
Open The Meadow Maker

Time to Make Hay
Painful choices while meadow wildflowers are at their prettiest - August 2020
Open Time to Make Hay

The magic of moths
Setting a trap in lockdown - July 2020
Open The magic of moths

Toad in a hole!
Amphibians in the churchyard - June 2020
Open Toad in a hole!

Time for a new hobby?
Record month for... May 2020
Open Time for a new hobby?

Cowslip or Cow Slop?
Talking proper in grassland - April 2020
Open Cowslip or Cow Slop?

Food for a queen
Time for a spring queen - March 2020
Open Food for a queen

Tracks in the snow
Churchyard footprints - February 2020
Open Tracks in the snow

Time to hibernate
Wildlife is still around and needing care - January 2020
Open Time to hibernate