DAC meetings and dates

DAC meetings

The Lichfield Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) will meet hybridly (in person and by online conferencing) 6 times in 2023, at St Mary's House in Lichfield, to consider faculty applications for both informal (pre-application) advice and formal (statutory) advice.

The full explanatory minutes of DAC meetings, following approval by the DAC at each subsequent meeting, are published on this website.


Please note that faculty applications should be submitted:

Each application requires detailed review ahead of the DAC meeting, and as such the DAC Office operates a strict policy on submission dates. Applications received after the agenda closing date will be carried forward to the subsequent meeting.

Where an application has been received by the submission date, but where the DAC Office requests further supporting documents, then the separate documents deadline given below will apply (but only to those cases).


Following the DAC meeting, due to the large number of cases considered, please allow up to 10 office working days to receive the DAC advice, which will be delivered by email.

Due process requires completion of the statutory Committee minutes, and approval of these by the DAC Chair, prior to parishes receiving the outcome of a DAC meeting.

Please note that an application for formal (statutory) advice submitted by an agenda closing date (submission deadline) below may be considered at a subsequent DAC meeting due to the requirement for an in-between period (up to 42 days) of external consultation with other statutory bodies (e.g. Historic England and the National Amenity Societies) via the OFS.

Delegated authority

The Lichfield DAC Delegated Authority Policy was updated at the October 2023 DAC meeting to broaden the use of delegated authority, and includes faculty applications for both informal (pre-application) advice and formal (statutory) advice.

The delegated authority faculty procedure permits a 'minor' faculty application to be delegated to a DAC member or adviser to recommend the case on behalf of the Committee, not requiring it to go to a DAC meeting. Applications are administered on a rolling programme rather than through the meeting schedule.

DAC meeting dates


Agenda closing date
(5.00 pm)
Documents deadline*
(5.00 pm)
Meeting date
(2.00 pm)
1 February 8 February 23 February (Thursday)
15 March 22 March 5 April
10 May 17 May 31 May
5 July 12 July 26 July
13 September 20 September 4 October
1 November 8 November 22 November

* Applicable only to applications received by the agenda closing date


Please note that the dates of Lichfield DAC meetings in 2024 will be published on this page in mid-December 2023.

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