Social Media Guidance

As Christians seeking to witness and grow disciples, we must be wherever people congregate.

Lichfield Diocese seeks to have an active presence on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. For churches and clergy, social media offer a fantastic opportunity to reach people. But like any media, they need to be used responsibly.

Many churches and clergy have asked the diocesan communications department for support in making sure we witness well online: building others up according to their needs, and letting our Christian faith shine through our online presence.

Here are some documents to help churches navigate the online world. The first is policy, the second guidance to assist parishes.

For more information on getting started with social media, or developing your social media strategy, visit out Parishes Online page.

Diocesan Policy:

Social Media Policy for employees of the LDBF, clergy and church workers.

Safeguarding Social Media and Online activities: A Policy for the Diocese of Lichfield, its churches and Parishes.

Diocesan Guidelines:

Media Consent Template - a template that may be of use for parishes taking photos/video at services and events.

Page last updated: Friday 15th October 2021 3:36 PM
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