#NewRevs 2020 - Garry Higgs

Garry is originally from Bristol, but moved to Tamworth 16 years ago with his wife Carol. They have two children Alexander and Lily. Apart from his family Garry likes to spend time with his head under the bonnet of one of the classic cars that he is (still!) putting back together.

Garry feels that there are several things that God is calling him to do with his ministry, the first and most important one is to serve God and God’s people in a way that allows people to see what the light of Christ is for us all. This can be done through occasional offices, chaplaincy and school work.

Garry has always worked in manufacturing, making something. He started in manufacturing as he was told that being dyslexic he would make nothing of a career. However, in his last role at an automotive lighting company he managed 400 people whist looking after the demands of the customers and ensuring a good quality product.

Garry feels that Ministry is not a job. The whole vocation process for him has taken six years to get to the point of ordination (or the lock down equivalent). Many of his work friends, who don’t understand the preparation involved, think it is a one day a week job and that vicars do what they please. He says that choosing to act upon your vocation is one of the hardest, most rewarding things you can ever do. He recommends exploring your calling highly.

If you feel you have a vocation towards any type of ministry go and find out what that means. Garry says this with experience - don’t wait or push it away ACT upon it!

Garry will serve hit title on the eastern border of the diocese, in the benefice of Rocester, Denston and Croxden with Hollington - Liz Jones will be his training incumbent.

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