#NewRevs 2020 - Steve Alston

Steve was born in London and spent most of his working life there, first as a zoologist at the Natural History Museum and then as a science teacher in various comprehensive schools. Living in Lewisham he was an active member of Ichthus Christian Fellowship and was surprised when he initially felt God call him to be ordained into the Church of England. In 2010 he, with his wife Rosie and two boys (Jack and Ben), moved to Shrewsbury and joined a nearby Anglican Church (Holy Trinity, Meole Brace). Although working as Head of Science in a local School, God kept speaking to Steve about ordination so in 2017, he went part-time and started ordination training.

Steve has a passion for the natural world and of all God’s creatures fish are his favourite. His family holidays also usually involve being in wild places like the Welsh peaks, the Norfolk Broads or the North Devon coast.

His other, more important, passion is Jesus. He comments, “In my late teens Jesus changed my life, he has walked with me and my family over the years and has called me to serve his church. One of my greatest joys is seeing people encountering Jesus and growing into deeper relationship with him. He is my hero and I want everyone to meet him!”

At the heart of his vocation is the story of the prodigal son. Steve feels strongly that joining the Holy Spirit in calling people ‘home’ to deep relationship with God is the core of his ministry. He wants to “learn to tell Jesus’ story well in whatever community he serves in.”

His advice to those who might be wondering about whether God is calling them. “Pray and take time alone to seek God and also talk to trusted people. Finally, don’t write yourself off and remember that God often does not do things in the way we expect.”

Steve will serve his title in the benefice of Baschurch and Weston Lullingfield with Hordley in north Shropshire with Revd Linda Cox

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