#NewRevs 2020 - Amanda Arthur

Amanda lives with her husband James in Penkridge, Stafford where she is just beginning her curacy. She trained for 2 years at Queens Theological College (Birmingham) where she thoroughly enjoyed learning in an ecumenical way, and discovering a breadth of theology she never dared to believe existed. Before college, Amanda worked with her husband in a residential home for young adults with Autism and challenging behaviours in Dorset. Amanda began her training as a Salisbury ordinand and has found her way to Lichfield and is looking forward to making her home here.

Amanda has always felt a sense of being pulled toward ordained ministry and spent many years making excuses about why it was not possible that she could be called. In 2014, tired of resisting this feeling, she began her journey of exploring vocation.

Her advice to anyone who is wondering about what God is calling them to do is – do not discount yourself for any reason, be it class, ethnicity, educational background, disability etc! It might not be an easy or straightforward journey but the church needs leaders from every walk of life. Be brave, explore and believe that God can call you.

In terms of ministry – Amanda is drawn to working with those who are excluded or marginalised, and educating those who are not about the importance of valuing and including all. She is passionate about discipleship and helping others to move beyond simply coming to faith, to develop a faith that is real, honest, raw and unafraid to face the challenges, contradictions and struggles of following a loving God in a broken world.

Amanda will serve her Title in the Penkridge Team Ministry with Revd Greg Yerbury

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