Safeguarding Key Resources

The Diocese of Lichfield is committed to caring for all the children, young people and vulnerable adults with whom it has contact with, in all aspects of their wellbeing and at all levels. Therefore, we urge all our parishes to read and implement a Safeguarding Policy as outlined in the House of Bishops revised Policy Document "Protecting all God's Children" 4th Edition (2010) and Promoting a Safe Church (2006)

In conjunction with your Parish Safeguarding Policy it is very important that parishes are also aware of our Safer Recruitment policies to help you to make the best appointments for roles that are not DBS regulated activities or are not eligible for a DBS. Please see the DBS Resources page for further guidance.

(Name of Church) is committed to Safeguarding and has adopted the National and Diocesan Safeguarding Policies. Our Safeguarding Coordinator is (Name of Safeguarding Coordinator) and can be contacted on (Enter a contact telephone number).

You also need to ensure that the policies have actually been ratified and adopted by the PCC and that this is recorded in meeting minutes. 

Survivor Strategy

  • Survivor and Disclosure Guidance February 2021  - download 

Diocesan Safeguarding Resources, Policy Documents and Practice Guidance

  • Fact Sheet: Types of Abuse - download
  • Model Activity Risk Assessment  Template updated Oct 2020 - download
  • The Church of England Safer Environment and Activities - download
  • Model Parish Safeguarding Checklist - download
  • Parish Safeguarding Coordinators action plan template - download 
  • Model Volunteer Driver Agreement - download 
  • Model consent form for the use of Photographs - download and an accompaning privacy agreement - download 
  • Churchwarden Safeguarding Training Guidance 2019 - download
  • The Diocese of Lichfield Safeguarding Learning and Development Framework 2021-2024 - download
  • Diocesan Safeguarding Policy v.1 - download
  • Safeguarding and Deliverance Policy - download
  • Recording With Care v.1 - download
  • Safer Recruitment and Training Policy v.3 - download
  • Social Media Policy v.1.2 - download
  • Core Groups and Major Safeguarding Incident Plan - download
  • Below is a sample safeguarding policy that can be adapted for use in your parish and some practical safeguarding guidance when working with children and vulnerable adults. 
    • Sample Safeguarding Policy for PCCs PDF - download 
    • Sample Safeguarding Policy for PCCs to edit - download
  • Guidelines for Safeguarding Children and Adults - download
  • We have produced a flowchart that illustrates the process that is followed if there is a safeguarding issue in your church and a Safeguarding Poster. Please print these out and display in your church or church hall:
  • Body Map Diagram for recording any injuries for children and adults - download
  • Further Church of England templates for parish use may be found here

Church of England Safeguarding Policy Documents and Practice Guidance:

  • Parish Safeguarding Handbook download
  • Promoting A Safer Church 2017 - CofE Safeguarding Policy download
  • Responding Well to Domestic Abuse 2017 download
  • Protecting All God's Children 2010 download
  • Responding Well To Those Who Have Been Sexually Abused 2011 download
  • Responding to Safeguarding Concerns or Allegations that relate to Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults (Practice Guidance) download
  • Guidance for DBFs, PCCs and Religious Communities: Identifying and Reporting Safeguarding Serious Incidents to the Charity Commission 2019 - download
  • Practical guidance: How to make a Safeguarding Serious Incident report to the Charity Commission 2019 download

Church of England Practice Guidance Documents Issued 2015

  • Practice Guidance: Safer Recruitment June 2015 download
  • Practice Guidance: Safeguarding in Religious Communities June 2015 download
  • Practise Guidance: Risk Assessment for Individuals who may Pose Risk to Children or Adults June 2015 download
  • Practice Guidance: Responding to Serious Safeguarding Situations Relating to Church Officers June 2015 download
  • Practice Guidance: Safeguarding Records: Joint Practice Guidance for the Church of England and the Methodist Church June 2015 download
  • Safeguarding Guidance for Single Congregation Local Ecumenical Partnerships June 2015 download

Theological Resources

  • Forgiveness and Reconciliation in the Aftermath of Abuse (2017) download
  • The Gospel, Sexual Abuse and the Church: A theological resource for the local church (2016) download 

Key Forms for Parish Safer Recruitment 

  • Safer Recruiting in the parish - executive summary and models of good practice - download 
  • Model Volunteer Role Description - download 
  • Application Form for Volunteer Roles with Children and Vulnerable Adults - download
  • Reference Form for Volunteer Roles with Children ad Vulnerable Adults - download 
  • Church of England Confidential Declaration Form updated Dec 2020 - download
  • Model Interview/Discussion for Volunteer Roles with Children and Vulnerable Adults - download
  • Guide to Activity that make Volunteer Roles eligibile for a DBS check - download
  • Church of England Roles where the activity is seen to be eligible for a DBS check - download
  • Letter of Appointment to Volunteer Role - download
  • Volunteer Role Working Agreement - download
  • Statement of Safeguarding Principles - download
  • Pocket Size Guide to Safeguarding - download

Please also look at the information and advice given on the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group site regarding 'Planning Events' here - EIG

A Briefing Note from the National Safeguarding Team - September 2015

Other useful resources:


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