Open to All

We would never forbid or prevent someone from being part of our churches! Not deliberately anyway, but sadly and without meaning to, our beautiful old buildings and fixed patterns of how most of us worship together on Sundays can mean that we can do. Those who struggle with mobility; standing for long periods; failing eyesight or hearing; mental; learning or emotional difficulties drift away without making a fuss; or worse still, never feel able to come at all.

In this embryonic section of the website, we are gathering stories and resources for supporting many who live with challenges to 'normal' integration with churches, schools, chaplaincies and fresh expressions of church.

Many of these issues become more common as we get older, and there is an additional Diocesan team and resources to support retired clergy as their ministry changes in later years. 

There is also a section on how churches can respond well to LGBT+ people in our communities.

Page last updated: 9th July 2019 9:06 PM