Spiritual Direction Courses

The West Midlands Courses in Spiritual Direction

Soul Food 

A course for anyone who wants to grow in responsiveness to God. With an awareness of some of the Christian prayer traditions, tutors journey with participants to develop reflection (noticing the movements of the Spirit), an awareness of personality and prayer, and the use of silence, solitude, the Bible and our imaginations as helps to develop intimacy with God. Course description

For full details of the autumn 2019 course in Stoke see here

Cost: £144** (see above link) (i.e. £12/evening or 24/day)

Spiritual Listening

For anyone who has done Soul Food (or equivalent) and wishes to become more able to make space for God in conversation with others. Participants need to be receiving Spiritual Direction (help is given in finding a Companion if required). Course description

We hope to run this course again starting autumn 2020, six full days approximately monthly.

Cost £288** (see below)

The art of Spiritual Direction

For some, a gift and calling to be a Spiritual Companion to others emerges. This course is for those in whom this calling is discerned and aims to develop the gift of enabling another person to attend to their relationship with God. It involves a growing personal awareness of the movements of the Spirit as well as an openness to the ways in which God deals with another person. We use the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises as a guide for this process. Course description

The course will run in the Shrewsbury area on Thursdays, approximately 4-weekly, over three terms starting 5 Sept 2019, plus a 3-day residential retreat in January. For fuller details and to apply please see the application form.

Cost £390 per term plus £300 for the residential. £500 subsidy for participants able to offer Spiritual Direction in Lichfield Diocese.

**This reflects the running cost of the course; however if cost presents an obstacle, please still apply as we may be able to help.

Courses are open to Christians from any church. To book or register your interest click the links above, or to discuss the courses, please email Charles Ruxton, Diocesan Spirituality Adviser charles.ruxton@trinitychurches.org.

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