Wider resources on dementia

We have many locally produced resources that can be downloaded from this website here.

In addition, using the links below, we can recommend lot of documents and videos produced by others:

  1. Building Dementia-Friendly Faith Communities booklet published in January 2017 by FaithAction with a Diocese of Lichfield case study on pp 8-10. Its available to download from www.faithaction.net/dementia and gives you the Diocese of Lichfield narrative that goes with the Lichfield DropBox material that we are sharing within and beyond the Diocese: you are welcome to email me if you would like a link to this. There is also a FaithAction resources section on dementia: http://www.faithaction.net/portal/resources/faith-and-health/#group-dementia.
  2. Developing a Dementia-Friendly Church booklet published by the Alzheimers Society and Liveability in May 2016 https://www.livability.org.uk/dementia-friendly-churches-guide/                                                                                                                    
  3. The Diocese of Worcester has got a really strong webpage a great starting point for dementia-friendly church: http://www.cofe-worcester.org.uk/mission-and-ministry/social-responsibility/dementia-friendly-churches
  4. Caritas Social Action Network has online dementia and (catholic) spirituality toolkit, which can be accessed at the bottom of this page: https://www.csan.org.uk/news/csan-launches-online-spirituality-and-dementia-toolkit/
  5. Pictures to Share books for people with dementia https://picturestoshare.co.uk/ , particularly Strength for the journey includes a selection of powerful pictures and texts that can provide spiritual comfort for older people who have a Christian faith https://picturestoshare.co.uk/collections/books/products/strength-for-the-journey
  6. The Social Care Institute for Excellence has a free on-line course on dementia.This dementia e-learning course is aimed at anyone who comes into contact with someone with dementia and provides a general introduction to the disease and the experience of living with it. https://www.scie.org.uk/e-learning/dementia (The website says that the course is being revised and redeveloped with a focus on the residential care workforce: the new version is expected in Spring 2018.)
  7. Glorious Opportunity: Dr Jennifer Bute, who lives with dementia, shares advice, encouragement and resources, leaflets and training videos. http://gloriousopportunity.org
  8. Alzheimer Caf UK: http://www.alzheimercafe.co.uk/default.htm with click through information on setting up cafs.
  9. Methodist Homes for the Aged (MHA) have produced four booklets on dementia which can be downloaded:

    or bought as hard copy booklets: http://www.mha.org.uk/about-mha/publications/dementia-rersources/.
    Also from MHA, Growing Dementia-Friendly Churches by Revd Gaynor Hammond is available to purchase for 5: http://www.mha.org.uk/about-mha/publications/growing-dementia-friendly-churches/

  10. CofE and Alzheimers Society blog posts:
  11. Video/Audio/Photo links on dementia
  12. Have you heard of Messy Vintage? Theres interesting information on this taking Messy Church into residential care - from The Gift of Years (Inspiring, equipping and enabling every church across the UK to meet the spiritual needs of older people, part of the Bible Reading Fellowship) taking Messy Church into residential care. Read more here. In response to requests for more material for Messy Vintage sessions, they have prepared six free downloadable sessions worth of creative material you can use off the peg.
  13. From The Gift of Years, Anna Chaplaincy offers deep listening, promoting the spiritual welfare of men and women in older age.
  14. Theres a dementia-friendly worship on-line resource in the form of a (lengthy!) American Handbook for Worship: Christian Worship Experience for Persons with Dementia, shared through the Calvin Institute for Christian Worship. You can find ideas for dementia-friendly worship on sixteen different themes.
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