Our Organisation

map showing the four archdeaconries of the Diocese and the key towns.
map showing the four archdeaconries of the Diocese and the key towns.

The Diocese of Lichfield is a large region of the Church of England which covers Staffordshire, northern Shropshire and the Black Country in the Midlands.

Our outward facing departments have come together under the banner of discipleship, vocation and evangelism (DVE) in DVE teams. Our Central Administrative Support Teams work closely with the DVE teams to help equip people in discipleship, vocation and evangelism.

In terms of structural organisation, neighbouring parishes are organised in groups of about a dozen into deaneries and groups of deaneries are collected into an archdeaconry, led by an Area Bishop and an Archdeacon under the care of the Diocesan Bishop. See Bishops and Archdeacons.

The legal entity that performs the work of the Diocese and employs its staff is the Lichfield Diocesan Board of Finance. It performs many functions on behalf of the Bishop of Lichfield and his team and also for many parishes. Its staff provide a great deal of support to the parishes, church schools, chaplaincies and fresh expressions (and other partners) on the basis of their expertise rather than location.

But each parish is a separate legal entity, a charity under civil law, that is managed by its legal trustees who are the elected members of its PCC (Parochial Church Council).

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