Discipleship, Vocation and Evangelism

Discipleship (wordmark)

Developing Discipleship

In what ways does it develop discipleship? Will it help the people involved to deepen their experience or knowledge of God? Does it help to do the work of connecting faith and everyday life? Does it encourage us to become Christ-like in some way? Are we prepared for the fact that there may be a cost to this (Luke 14:27)?

Vocation (wordmark)

Encouraging Vocation

In what ways does it encourage vocation? Will it help people to understand that God calls them? Will it offer ways for them to identify their specific vocation? Will it clearly honour and support all types of calling whether in the workplace, home or church? Does it provide space for a process of discernment?

Evangelism (wordmark)

Inspiring Evangelism

In what ways will it inspire evangelism? Will it give people confidence and opportunity to tell the Jesus story as they know it? Will it tell others directly about Christian faith and invite them to make a response? Will it be a clear expression of Gods love for individuals and communities? Will it bring you into contact with people who are not like you (ethnicity, education, income, etc)?

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